False Claims Act Enforcement In Health Care And Life Sciences, Part I

Earlier this year, the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) announced the results of its 2023 False Claims Act (“FCA”) enforcement efforts. Through those efforts, the government obtained more than $2.6 billion in overall recoveries, and of that amount, $1.8 billion came from health care and life sciences (“HCLS”) stakeholders alone.

This White Paper—first in a three-part series—focuses on FCA enforcement in the HCLS industry. We will examine the 2023 results, how they differ from previous years […]

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Closing The Gender Gap In Digital Health Technologies

From a smartphone microphone that can support an Alzheimer’s diagnosis to a wearable device that helps predict stroke, digital devices are poised to play a transformative role in the ability of healthcare stakeholders to collect key “endpoints”: criteria used by care providers to assess health and disease.

By capturing patient-generated health data right where patients live and work via wearables, apps, and sensors, digital health technologies (DHTs) are fostering earlier diagnoses, amassing information on treatment effectiveness and safety […]

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California’s AB 3129: A New Hurdle For Private Equity Health Care Transactions On The Horizon?

Parties involved in or considering health care transactions in California have been focused on navigating the new rules set by California’s Office of Health Care Affordability (OHCA),1 and newly proposed legislation could present additional challenges in consummating certain health care transactions, particularly those involving private equity. Introduced in February 2024, California’s Assembly Bill 3129 seeks to curb consolidation in the health care industry allegedly driven by private equity firms and hedge funds. As summarized in greater detail […]

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