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Tammy White-Farrell is a Member and one of the founding attorneys of Farrell, White & Legg. A premier trial lawyer, she was the first female trial lawyer from West Virginia to be elected to the International Association of Defense Counsel. She has been recognized by Chambers USA as an outstanding litigator.

With a nursing degree from The Ohio State University, where she was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, she had ten years of experience as a critical care and oncology nurse and hospital administrator before her distinguished legal career. In 2011, Tammy completed a Masters of Public Health degree from Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health. This achievement will substantially enhance her role as an accomplished advocate for clients in the public health industry.

She applies her advanced epidemiology, biostatistics and health care education and experience in her product liability, medical device, pharmaceutical and toxic tort work. She has been and is a leader in designing successful defense strategies in matters involving complex scientific, engineering and medical subjects so that Courts and juries may process and understand complex matters. She has extensive experience and expertise in heavy machinery design and ergonomics applications in the mining industry, serving as the person responsible on the Firm’s defense team in expert witness development in those matters. Tammy’s wealth of experience in the healthcare and product liability arenas makes her an ideal team leader in these subjects on a state, regional and national level.

One of Tammy’s many strengths is the design and execution of causation defenses and the recruitment of supportive expert witnesses. As Practice Leader for the Firm’s Health Care practice, she has been instrumental in educating the West Virginia and Kentucky judiciary, as well as her fellow lawyers, about the intricacies of the HIPAA Privacy Standards and their role in civil and criminal law. In recent years, she has expanded her litigation services to Health Care Fraud and Abuse claims. Physicians request her services frequently because of her capacity to understand the practice of medicine in both the hospital and office settings. She has the demonstrated ability to handle a diversity of health care issues.

Because her clients respect her abilities and common sense approach to their businesses, she is asked to provide legal advice in diverse areas. Tammy has significant experience in complex litigation claims that involve engineers.  Her practice also includes employment and workers’ compensation law.

FWL lawyers understand health care and understand the issues which impact this essential service. FWL’s lawyers have more than 100 years of service to health care providers. Among our lawyers is Tammy White, the preeminent lawyer-nurse practicing in this region. Her accolades include the Chairpersonship of the International Association of Defense Trial Counsel Medical Defense and Health Law Committee. She has published national and internationally regarding Medicare compliance. The legal assistant staff includes nurses who have a diversified set of clinical experiences which enable them to efficiently and professionally evaluate medico-legal issues.

Our practice areas include many specific health care subjects because providers, as potential clients, need sufficient information to select the right lawyer for the problem presented. For many health care clients, the threshold issue is defining the problem. Medical school, nursing school and hospital administration programs devote scant attention to survival in a environment. FWL lawyers are equally adept in assisting the client to avoid litigation as well as litigating the case which has already been filed.

FWL accepts representations throughout the state of West Virginia and in proximate regions of Kentucky as requested.

Situated in Huntington, West Virginia, we are a specialized team of lawyers that match and exceed performance capacity ordinarily found at a firm ten times our size.

The first tenet of our Mission is quality. Quality legal representation and counseling is the foundation of the firm’s practice. It is the hallmark of zealous advocacy and client counseling. Quality legal representation and counseling has many intersecting components which collectively comprise the building blocks for the Firm’s and its clients’ success.

The second tenet is experience. The Firm’s leadership has more than 125 years of collective legal experience and talent dedicated to this core tenet. Efficient and economic representation is one means by which the Firm demonstrates its respect and commitment to the law, the judicial system and sustainable client relationships.

The third tenet is communication. Advocacy requires effective communication. Counseling requires effective communication. Communication is an essential means by which quality and efficient outcomes are achieved.

The fourth tenet is professionalism. The honor bestowed upon any Attorney to practice law and represent the legal rights and responsibilities of its clients is a cherished privilege. Professionalism is a mandate within the firm. Professionalism is a key component of the United States’ civil and criminal justice systems. Our Attorneys are committed to aggressive and successful representation of our clients and service to our communities with the utmost professionalism and integrity.

The fifth and last tenet is integrity. Integrity is reliability. Integrity is consistency. Integrity is legal representation with no surprises.

Farrell, White & Legg PLLC is committed to delivering legal representation and counseling to its clients based upon its core tenets of quality, experience, communication, professionalism and integrity. The Firm serves its clients, the judicial system and the communities in which its employees work and live through generations of experience and its commitment to its core tenets.